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The PELICAN Tm Whole House Salt Free Softener and Filter
Extremely Effective / Environmentally Friendly
The best of both worlds - The Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free Softener/Conditioner
combines the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter with the NaturSoft System to give you " A True Spa like
Experience". If you are on city water you will experience dramatic results from the very first shower. Experience the
difference with the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Softener / Conditioner, the "Clear
Choice". No more bottled water, you will now have better than bottled water quality through every faucet in your home.  
The Only Whole House Water Filters With A 600,000-1,000,000 Gallon Performance Guarantee! The Carbon Series Whole
House Water Filters are simply the best on the market. No where will you find a whole house water filter that is more
affordable and removes more contaminates. With its multi-stage filtration process and high performance media you get
sparkling clean contaminant free water for less than a penny per 10 gallons. Imagine, spring like water through every
faucet of your home. Drink, bathe, and shower in contaminant free water.
After looking for many alternatives to clean drinking water, I personally have installed this
system in my own house. I struggled with a few ideas. The first was to get a water cooler, but
the cost of the rentals and the ever increasing cost of the bottles kind of turned me off. Then
I looked into putting an under counter filter. This was a better idea, but it didn't take care of
using the bathroom sinks, or my bar sink on our patio. Then I searched, and searched, and,
well.... you know. I did some research, and finally decided to go with a whole house filter
system. But as all consumers do, I started looking at the softener also. My wife complained
about how hard the water was, and how much effort it took to keep the shower, toilet, and
sinks clean. So, now it was a complete system. As a General Contractor, I became a
distributer for Pelican. But before I put it on my web site, I wanted to put this to the test. I have
had this system installed for about eight years, and I love it !! There are so many benefits
from this system. First thing....did anyone ever compliment you on the taste of your tap
water? Happened to me! We use about half of the laundry detergent we used to use, my wife
says it leaves her hair softer than ever, and I'm happy to know that my kids are drinking
filtered water without all of the contaminants usually found in tap water.
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Pelican combo system, PSE2000, PSE1800
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Pelican Water Filters
Pelican Water Filters
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Pelican Combo System, PSE2000, PSE1800
Authorized Pelican Dealer
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