Below you will see the process of building a two car garage from the demo of the existing garage to moving the cars in.                                
We were contracted to demo an existing two car garage and build a bigger ( 24' x 30' ) block, two car garage in Middlesex, by owner Anna Belica (one
really nice lady...who kept trying to feed us)
. Below the pictures will walk you through the process.                                
The pieces are held to the wall by drilling into the stone and screwing a
We're finished setting the stones and filling the joints, after it dries we will remove the form and clean it with an acid wash.
Dominick, (one of my star employees) seems happy with the job.
Side view, the side stones are 8
Great care needs to be taken because the pieces are very fragile and heavy !
That's me making sure the sides are plumb.
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This is the view of the old garage from
the street.
The backhoe really did a nice job of taking
down the old garage.
We were able to take down
the old garage, load the
dumpster, and dig the
footings for the new garage in
one day!
After taking a week and a
half to get the block
delivered, we finally got
started. The footing was two
foot thick, and we buried
three courses of block.
Here you can see that the
block work is completely
finished, and the floor was
poured this day. I also started
to set the Anderson windows
We also set the Stanley door.
The garage floor is pitched
four inches. And the front of
the garage floor is 8 inches
higher than the old garage
Just another view of the floor,
because it came out so nice.
Looking at it from the front left
corner. The trench for the electric is
in and waiting for the electrician to
hook it all up.
Here the framing is just about
finished and the electric is
going in.
Framing is done, siding is on, electric
is finished, garage door and opener
are hooked up, and Anna gave us a
beautiful lunch. The sauce was really
out of this world. Thanks Anna!!!
The stone under this Anderson
window was my gift to Anna for being
such a nice lady. It was cut from a
giant piece of limestone and the
front was "dressed" to give it that
rough stone look.