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Mission Impossible: LAMBERTVILLE Page 2:
The Mission Continues
The block was carried one by one to the back of the house.
D & J Construction...General Contractor
With the threat of rain, we had to keep everything covered.
The block work is done. That doorway in the back is to the old stone foundation which we will have to break through.
We filled the walls solid with concrete. That doorway at the rear is for the bilko door.
The floor is now poured.
Done for the day meant spendind a half hour covering everything up.
The foundation was wrapped with a two inch solid insulation.
These boulders came out of the old basement as we dug out a section of the floor to make it deeper.
The framing is almost finished.
We replaced all of the existing windows with Anderson 400 series windows.
All inside walls are framed, and we are ready for plumbing and electric.
All of the new Anderson doors and windows are in and now we are ready for roof and siding.
THe roofing is being done, and this skylight is really cool. It's controlled with a remote, and if it starts to rain, there are sensors that will close it.
The rough plumbing is going in. We are using
With no elbows, or joints, there is no flow pressure loss, and no chance of joint failure.
This is the manifold. All units are connected here, and each one can be shut off or on here. It's kind of like a water circuit breaker panel.
A  new sewer line goes....guess...under the driveway, where else. We had to use an extra heavy duty pipe for this installation.
Backfilled, graded, tamped, and ready for the new driveway.
You can see the old lathe and plaster walls, where we attached the new addition.
The house is wraped with
This was a really nice detail, we bumped out these windows, and framed them in
Siding and trim is finished, and we'll be working on the Master Bedroom balcony soon.
All of my inspections are passed, framing,plumbing, electric, fire, insulation, and now it's time for sheetrock.
Sheetrock is now finished, the spackle process is important for nice smooth walls.
Below, I'm going to try to compress the page to just pictures. The pictures will have descriptions, but to save space I'm not going to put a lot of text blocks.
This job was so involved and trying to match a new addition to a home that was built in the 1860's was more than a challenge. We not only had to make sure
that all new walls and floors were seamless, but we had to deal with the fact that this was a Duplex too. With all of this that was a daily thought, we forged
ahead. The framing went well, plumbing, HVAC, electric, siding and roof all went well. It was a great feeling to see this project coming together, especially
when I first looked at this house, I thought...."No Way"...But I took on the challenge and, well, look at the pictures below and get a glimpse of the process.

I'm putting very little text blocks, but you can hold the cursor over the picture for a description. As always click on the picture to enlarge it.
This view is from the kitchen into the family room. The floors are in and the painting has begun.
Painting and molding.
The molding is ready to put up in the kitchen.
Nice view in the Master Bedroom.
The kitchen cabinets have been delivered.
This was just a nice picture of the triple window in the family room.
All of the interior doors are now installed. This is the laundry room on the right, going into the Master Bedroom.
The finish plumbing is now going in.
The Master Bedroom balcony is now finished. We used galvanized pipe for the balusters.
The oak flooring has been sitting in the house for four days, which is an important process.
It's funny how much work actually went into this bilko door.
Now it's time to put in the oak floors. The whole addition had hard wood installed, even the kitchen.
The master bedroom floor is ready for the two coats of varnish.
The floors now have the second coat of varnish. This process takes three days, and can't bem walked on for at least two days.
The family room floor looks nice.
All of the base cabinets are in and we have started to put up the upper cabinets.
The kitchen is starting to come together.
This opening under the cabinet doors is where the oven will go.
All of the harware is now on the doors and drawers. The Owners picked a really nice brushed nickle finish.
The kitchen lighting is almost finished.
Two walk in closets in the Master Bedroom.
The refridgerator is now hooked up.
A nice picture of the angle ceiling in the Master Bedroom.
The new batroom off the kitchen.
The cabinets are finished, and the granite is now installed.
The electric oven is now in and working.
The stove top and microwave oven are in.
Just a better view of the almost finished kitchen.
The undermount sink was installed at the time the counters were installed.
The Master Bedroom balcony finished. We used
There used to be a wall here, but we knocked most of it down, and put a newel post, and railings.
The backsplash tile work is started.
The tile on this fireplace is just the beginning.
The mural above the stove top really sets off that wall.
The Owner, Keith Finkral, was happy with the backsplash work.
A nice picture of the kitchen from the Family Room.
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