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Addition In Middlesex
This is what we started with!! In 1991 we were contracted to install siding and gutters.
Rear of the house after the siding job we did in 1991
Front view after we did the siding in 1991
Dumpster and lumber has arrived
Lumber is here and we started to rip off the roof!
Sheetrock is down inside and getting ready to install the
Enty door , as you can see the sheetrock is down.
We have started to cut up the roof.
Cut a big section off of the gable end.
Almost finished, just a few more pieces.
What a big difference !!
Roof is off and the second story deck is down. Getting ready to raise the first wall.
The wall is down in the living room and the
And here it goes... the first wall of the addition is raised!
A view from the front of the house.
All the walls are up now and the cieling rafters are going on.
On this page you will see the different phases of adding a second story. We actually started this job in 1991 when
we installed the siding and gutters. Then in 1999 we put on this addition. The pictures were taken from videos
captured by my computer, so they aren't perfectly clear.This job was started on September first and carpets were
installed on November first.This perticular year we had a very hot and dry summer, with water restrictions and all,
but as soon as we started ripping off the roof.....
RAIN.....HURRICANE FLOYD...but everything survived and
we still finished ahead of schedule! If you hold the mouse over the pictures you can read descriptions of each one.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Another view of the cieling rafters going up.
Now the roof rafters are going on.
Now it's starting to look like a two story house!
The sheathing is on and the Pella windows are going in.
This is my reaction when I found out the electrician wasn't coming.
We put replacement windows in the existing house.
Now we get rain with a vengeance, and wind, and hail, ....
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