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 PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter 1- 3 Bathrooms

An Exceptional Filter At An Exceptional Price
The Only Whole House Water Filter With A 600,000 Gallon Performance Guarantee!

The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Whole House Water Filter is simply the best whole house water filter available today. You will not find a whole house water filter that is
more affordable and removes more contaminates than this product! The PC600’s multi-stage filtration process and high-performance filtering media produce sparkling-
clean, contaminant-free water for your home. Imagine enjoying spring-like water through every faucet in your house! Drink delicious, contaminant-free water. Bathe and
shower in contaminant-free water – your hair and skin will feel softer almost immediately, and there won’t be any chemicals in your water to cause you to suffer from dry,
itchy skin.

Do you have a very large home and need more than 600,000 gallons?
Checkout the PC1000 High Capacity Water Filter.

Want to soften your water as well as remove contaminants?
Consider the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Water Filter/Softener 1-3 Bathrooms.



Healthier, contaminant-free water
Better-tasting beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, etc.)
Better-tasting and better-for-you food (when prepared with the filtered water)
Softer skin and hair
Easy installation with no assembly required (indoors, outdoors, or underground)
Improved indoor air quality (eliminates chloroform gas and odors)
No back flushing
No wasted water
Little to no water pressure loss
No electricity use
Great for pets – veterinarians recommend filtered water for pets

Why should I choose the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter for my home?

The PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is a superior product that offers a host of benefits versus other whole house water filters available today. The PC600’s filter
lasts for up to 5 years or 600,000 gallons; when it’s time to replace the filter, all you have to replace is the media inside the tank – no tank to replace and no plumbing
required! This makes the cost of filter replacement a fraction of that of competitive products. In addition, the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is manufactured
using only the highest quality valves and tanks. The tank’s large diameter holds a significant amount of water filtration media, resulting in better over-all performance and
longer lifespan for the product. All in all, the PC600 is designed for many years of trouble-free service.

How does the Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter work?

The PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter uses the highest grade carbons available on the market today plus a multi-stage filtration process to filter contaminates out
of the water that is going into your home. These carbons completely remove or significantly reduce sediment, particulate matter, VOCs (volatile organic compounds),
SOCs (synthetic organic compounds), THMs (trihalomethanes, many of which are carcinogenic), chlorine, atrazine, benzene, pesticides, tastes, odors, and hundreds of
other potential contaminants and harmful chemicals from your home’s water supply.

What contaminates are addressed by the PC600 filter?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOCs)
Industrial Solvents
THMs (trihalomethanes, which are chlorine by-products)
And More
What is the filter media for the PC600 made of?

The filter media for the Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is composed of a proprietary blend of high-grade granular activated carbon which is produced
from Sri Lankan coconut shells. This carbon is NSF Certified and meets or exceeds all food chemical codex, AWWA, and ASTM protocols. See NSF Certified Standard 42.
The filter media of the Pelican PC600 has a large surface area, high pore volume, and chemical stability. Very few manufacturers have the ability to produce such a high
microporous surface area. The main application of this filter media is the absorption of gas and vapor, and the removal of the color and order of compounds (specifically
MTBE, VOCs, and SOCs).

In addition, the filter media contains a proprietary blend of high-grade catalytic abrasive-resistant filtering material made of broken and sifted pyrolysed coal. The porous,
rough surface and high absorption surface of this material allows the media to solve purification problems, such as THMs. The main application of this filter media is the
removal of organic compounds such as herbicides, pesticides, and chlorinated organic substances by absorption. It also provides an increase in the capacity of the filter
bed to capture pollutants using in-depth filtration for drinking water.

Does the Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter remove Copepods from the water?

Yes. Since copepods (a small group of crustaceans) range from 30 microns to 50 microns in size, the PC600’s 5-micron pre-filter will remove them from your water supply.
This method of copepods filtration is approved based on an article found at

What is included with the purchase of a new PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter?
The Pelican PC600 comes complete and ready to install. Your purchase includes:

FREE Shipping and Handling
The Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter
All size fittings required for plumbing (3/4”, 1” copper, and PVC)
1 Bottle of "Lemshine"
1 10-inch pre-filter  5-micron pre-filter
Detailed installation instructions
Performance Guarantee and Warranty Information

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                                                                                      Additional Resources & Information

Replacement Media vs. Replacement Unit
Manufacturer Warranty and Guarantees  Installation Guide
                                                                                                          Top View Diagram

                                                                                                          How It Works - NaturSoft

Note: If you are on a well and have iron, hydrogen sulfide, and/or tannans please call us at (732) 271-7727 before you purchase this unit or see our iron filter
pages Iron filter one and iron filter two.

Note Canadian Customers: Shipments into Canada may be subject to duty taxes set by your local Magistrate. To avoid delay in your shipment, if you have a customs broker, ship
your unit to them. Amount of duty taxes vary by location.

Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health
condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.   

Pelican Whole House Filter Warranty And Guarantee
Manufactures 5 Year Warranty

Solid-State electronic head:
Manufacturers 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects

Manufactures 10 Year Warranty

Manufacturers 10 year warranty on the all filter housings, tank heads, and the bypass valves against manufactures defects

Note: Manufacturers warranty and performance guarantees do not cover acts of God, misuse or abuse.  All products must be used in accordance to the specific application.  All
warranties and performance guarantees are valid to the original purchases and purchasers delivery location.  Labor and or cost of damage due to misuse or defective items are
the responsibility of the purchaser. If you have not had a water test done before purchasing a system, a certified water test may be required for any warranty claims. Should your
water test show contaminates unknown at the time of purchase or unknown to Pelican, this may void your warranty. Please contact your authorized Pelican dealer for further
details. Pelican Water Technologies or its Authorized Dealers will not be liable for any circumstance for consequential or incidental damages.  It is the purchasers responsibility
to insure that the equipment is installed in compliance with all applicable building codes.

Manufactures Performance Guarantee

The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 is guaranteed to perform for 600,000 gallons or 5 years. The Pelican Carbon Series PC1000 is guaranteed to perform for 1,000,000 gallons
or (5) years.  The manufacturers authorized dealers shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of defective media only, labor to replace the media is the
responsibility of the purchaser.

The NaturSoft Systems (Models NS-3, NS-6) media carry a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year.  The manufacturers
authorized dealers shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of defective media only, labor to replace the media is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Supply
water must be free from oil, hydrogen sulfide and will void any warranty or performance guarantee if present.

The Pelican WF5 Iron and Manganese Filter carry a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year.  The manufacturers authorized
dealers shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of defective media only, labor to replace the media is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Supply water must be
free from oil, hydrogen sulfide.
How difficult is it to install the complete Pelican PC600?
In order to make the installation process as easy for you as possible, the Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is shipped to you pre-assembled, with the special media already
pre-loaded into the tank. The product also comes complete with installation instructions and all parts needed for installation, including all sizes of plumbing fittings. If you have any questions
during the installation you or your plumber can contact Pelican’s helpful Customer Service Technicians for further assistance.

Where should I install the Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter?
The PC600 is a whole-house/whole-home Point-of-Entry system. As such, it is usually installed at the point where the main water line enters the home, garage, or basement. For added
versatility the PC600 can also be installed outside or buried in the ground.

How long will the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter last?
The PC600’s filter is designed to last for 5 years or 600,000 gallons, whichever comes first. The product’s pre-filter should be checked on a monthly basis, and generally needs to be
replaced every 6 to 9 months.

What is the replacement cost after 5 years or 600,000 gallons?
Because all you need to replace once the filter media has expired is the filter media itself – not the entire tank, as with most whole house water filters on the market – the replacement cost is
surprisingly low. The current cost to replace the media for the PC600 is only $156.00, including shipping! Plus, since you only need to replace the filter, you’ll save on plumbing costs as well.
This is one of the many advantages of the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter.

How often should I change the 5-micron pre-filter on my PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter?
The pre-filter should be changed approximately once every 6 to 9 months, depending on the actual amount of particulate matter or sediment that is present in your water supply. If the pre-
filter becomes extremely dirty water will not be able to flow through the system properly, and you will notice a significant drop in your water pressure.

How much maintenance is required for the PC600?
None! No maintenance is required for this product, although the pre-filter should be checked on a monthly basis.

Will the PC600 remove bacteria?
No. If you are concerned about eliminating harmful microorganisms (i.e. bacteria) from your water,
you may want to consider a Trojan UV Disinfection System.

Why doesn't the Pelican Systems require backwashing?
Pelican whole house water filters operate based on an up-flow design rather than the traditional down-flow design. The reason that other products require backwashing is to fluff the media
bed – not to wash out contaminants, as most people believe. With the Pelican Systems, the media is continuously fluffed from the normal water flow, so no backwashing is required. Down-flow
systems have a tendency to channel, which causes the media to be ineffective. The Pelican PC600’s up-flow design avoids this possibility and is more effective overall.

How will the Pelican PC600 be shipped to my home?
The Pelican PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter will be shipped via UPS Ground. To ensure that your water filter arrives in factory-fresh condition it will be packed in the highest quality
double-walled box, with side cushions and a custom top piece to protect the top of the filter. We understand the importance of proper packaging to protect your water filter.  
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Isn't city water good enough without a Pelican Whole House Water System?
Most municipal water systems use chlorine or chloramines to treat water which are chemicals designed to kill living organisms. While they do an excellent job treating your water, they create
dry skin and hair, unpleasant taste and odors that many people do not like. Pelican Water Systems filter out the unpleasant tastes and smells to provide clean filtered water, rich in mineral
nutrients, from every faucet, shower, and toilet in your home.

What does the Pelican filtering or salt free softening process add to the water?
Pelican adds nothing to your water while filtering out unwanted tastes and odors. It provides sparkling clean, spring like water, better than bottled water quality to every faucet in your home:
water the way nature intended it!

Can I take my Pelican Water System with me when I move?
The Pelican Systems are designed to be easily moved if you change homes. Simply put the system into bypass mode then disconnect it from the bypass and take it with you. Any
homeowner, handyman or plumber can re-install the unit for you.

How much maintenance do the Pelican Whole House Combo Systems require?
Our customers tell us that Pelican Water Systems are huge money savers. Not only will you have convenient fresh filtered water at every faucet in your home, you no longer need to lug
heavy bottled water around. Since Pelican Water Systems filter your water while retaining vital mineral nutrients you don't have all the annual maintenance hassles that reverse osmosis units
incur. Not only do you not have to buy salt or annual replacement reverse osmosis filters, the Pelican Combo Systems water reduces your use of soaps, detergents, shampoos, and other
cleaning expenses. Perhaps the biggest money saver for home owners is that Pelican water will extend the life of your pipes, water heaters, washing machines, and other water using
appliances. See for yourself why Pelican is the most trusted name in water.
Frequently Asked Questions
» How the NaturSoft System works -
The entire surface of each NaturSoft resin bead acts as a growing site for seed crystals. As
the crystals grow and extend further and further from the surface of the resin bead, crystal
fragments get broken off and are carried away by the water flow serving as seed crystals for
further crystal formation downstream in the plumbing system. This process allows hardness to
adhere to itself rather than to your plumbing and appliances eliminating the negative side
effects of hard water.
Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.
Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.
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Pelican™ Naturesoft Salt Free Water Softening

The NaturSoft™ System represents the superior alternative with
respect to dealing with the symptoms of water hardness without
resorting to ion exchange (salt) based systems.
The amount of wasted water and release of salt into the
environment has increasingly become unacceptable.
When deployed in a system, this unique technology induces
the formation of microscopic calcium crystals which effectively
eliminate the side effects of hard water. The NaturSoft™ media
does not require any regular maintenance. NaturSoft™ media
does not participate in any reactions it merely promotes them.
Therefore, the material is not sacrificial and it does not get
consumed resulting in its exceptional long life

    Natursoft Benefits

  •    Salt Free Water Softening
  •    No Salt or Corrosive Chemicals
  •    Commercial Grade Resin for up to 75 Grains per Gallon of Hardness (1,283mg/l)
  •    Removes Existing Scale Deposits from plumbing and fixtures
  •    No Electrical Power Needed & No Backwashing
  •    Environmentally Friendly Solution
  •    Saves on costly repairs of damaged plumbing
  •    Easy To Install and Requires No Drain Connection
  •    Conditioned Water Without The Slippery Feel
  •    Reduces laundry detergents 40-60%
  •    Increased Efficiency of Hot Water Tanks
  •    Longer Life Expectancy For Appliances
  •    Leaves In Beneficial Minerals
  •    LIfetime Limited Warranty On The Tank, Housing, And Valves
  •    Performance Guarantee!
  •    No Assembly Required
Pelican™ Carbon Tank Clean Fresh Water

The Pelican™ Carbon Series Whole House Water Filter is simply the best on the market. No
where will you find a whole house water filter that is more affordable and reduces more
contaminates than the Pelican Carbon Series. With its multi-stage filtration process and high
performance media you get sparkling clean contaminant free water. Imagine, spring like water
through every faucet of your home. Drink, bathe, and shower in contaminant free water. Your
skin and hair will feel softer from the very first shower. No more dry itchy skin from the
chemicals in your water.

Pelican Carbon Series Has Many Benefits

  •  Softer Skin and Hair
  •  Certified Installation: indoors, outdoors or underground
  •  No backflushing
  •  Zero wasted water
  •  Little to No Pressure Loss
  •  Improves Indoor Air Quality (eliminates Chloroform gas and odors)
  •  No Electricity
  •  Better Tasting coffee, tea, lemonade or anything prepared with filtered water
  •  All food prepared with our filtered water will taste better and be better for you
  •  Veterinarians recommend filtered water for your pets
  •  No Assembly Required

Saving Your Appliances
The most important investment you make in your home are your appliances. Why not protect those investments from the damaging effects of hard water and save money on costly repairs!
Repairs can cost you hundreds of dollars every year due to hard water damage. Protecting your appliances will keep them running longer and more efficiently without needless repair costs.
To repair your ice maker in the fridge from hard water damage costs $230 for a repairman! A hot water heater, if protected can save you up to $30 a month in water heating by keeping
scale buildup off the heating element, making it more efficient. Not protecting your water heater could cost you $300-$1,000 to replace! You also save the yearly plumber visits for clogged
shower heads, minor appliance repairs or clogged pipes which will save you up to $500/ year!

The Pelican NaturSoft system is designed to protect your plumbing from the damaging effects of hard water up to 75 grains per gallon of
hardness (over 1,200 mg/L). Unlike the Pelican NaturSoft system, other similar systems fall short requiring the media to be replaced every 5 years and have a limited hardness rating of only
25 grains. That means we have already saved you $876 in normal yearly repairs and maintenance in the first year and prevented a costly $530 - $1,230 repair cost from damaged

Saving Time Cleaning
How much is your time worth? Keeping your house clean takes up a lot of your time and your time is worth something, right? The Pelican NaturSoft prevents the minerals in your water from
etching your glass and fixtures and prevents the minerals from sticking to surfaces. The number one expense and time consuming job of cleaning is the removal of hard water scale from
toilets, fixtures, shower heads and sinks. One study (Ohio State University) determined that it takes an average of nearly 4 hours per house cleaning hard water scale. When softened water
was made available, cleaning time was cut by 40%. Over the course of a year, this would save you more than 10 8-hour work days (80 hours).

We spend up to $45/month in cleaning supplies and harsh chemicals. Let's be conservative and say we save only 20% on cleaning time and supplies. If your time is worth $10/hour (and its
probably worth more) we are saving you $42 a month cleaning hard water off your fixtures and in cleaning products! That's 40 hours saved and $504 a year in savings!

Soaps & Savings
Ever wonder why you go through so much soap when doing your laundry? Hard water prevents many soaps from properly creating soap suds and thus requires more soap and soaps
containing salts and chemicals to counteract the hard water. These soaps are harsh on your skin and your clothes. The extra soap also costs you money every month, on average we spend
$20/month on soaps. With the NaturSoft system installed you can reduce your soap usage and use more natural soaps with less salts and chemicals. NaturSoft reduces soap usage and
improves cleaning.

So what's our total savings so far? A huge $1,380 savings in 1 year from simply adding a NaturSoft system to your home.
With an unlimited lifespan on the NaturSoft system, you will have paid for your system within the first year and it will pay you every year thereafter.
NaturSoft softener results
Disclaimer: The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products offered for sale herein are not intended to treat, cure or
prevent any disease or health condition. No medical claims are being made or implied.

*Based on 80-100 gallons of water wasted weekly, total electricity usage and purchasing of salt monthly.
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house water filtration system.

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Pelican Limited Lifetime Warranty on all filter housings, tanks, in/out heads, and the bypass valves against manufacturer's defects.

Pelican Water (“Pelican”) warrants to the end user (“customer”) that its tanks, valves, in/out heads, bypass’s, fittings, natursoft media and housings (“Covered Items”) will be
free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the life of the system. No warranty is made with respect to defects or damaged due to neglect,
misuse, alterations, accident, misapplication, physical damage, or damaged caused by fire, acts of God, or freezing.

Private Well Water Conditions (water supplied from homeowner's private well): The water treated shall be free of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur gas / rotten egg smell), oils or high
levels of copper (>1.30 mg/L). Any will coat the surface of the media and will interfere reducing its efficiency. If any iron or manganese is present in the source water, you must
pre-treat the water. If any of these issues exist, you should employ pre-treatment prior to using this technology.