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Princeton...The Return
It's the spring of 2003, and were back in Princeton at the Lyle residence for yet another major project.First there is a raised patio in the
rear of the house made from landscape block, and an intricate set of steps leading to the back yard and also into a sunken landscape
block enclosure. The raised patio will have brick pavers on the top. Then we will also be doing the driveway in "old cobblestone" pavers
from E P Henry. The driveway will be connected to a paver walkway which runs along the front of the house and ends up at a 20' X 20'
paver patio.I'll add more as the job progresses.
This is the main driveway, after eight inches of compacted fill and one inch of sand
Nice curved landing from the driveway to the side porch.
This section is finished and the sand is being swept in.
This is a view from the other entrance, the sand is being swept into the pavers.
From the main entrance, the brick pavers curve into a parking section
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